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  • Devilbiss iGO
Devilbiss Igo Box Includes:
  • Devilbiss Igo Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Devilbiss Igo Battery
  • Devilbiss Igo Travel Cart
  • Devilbiss Igo Travel Bag
  • A/C and D/C Power Supply
Devilbiss Igo For Versatility:
The Devilbiss Igo portable oxygen machine is perfect for the frequent traveler that needs both pulse flow and continuous flow oxygen.  The Igo by Devilbiss should be the only travel oxygen concentrator you will need while away from home. 
Devilbiss Igo For Traveling:
The Devilbiss Igo was made for travel. All of the controls on the Igo are able to be changed without removing it from under the seat on an airplane.  Travel oxygen has never been so perfect. The Devilbiss Igo comes with a travel bag and travel cart making it look like a piece of carry on baggage.

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Devilbiss iGO

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